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How to Become a Confident Driver in driving center

Fear and uncertainty behind the wheel are the main problems of a novice driver. A student, passing a course in a driving school, receives basic knowledge – theoretical and practical. Sitting behind the wheel during self-driving, a person remains with himself, and all responsibility now lies with him. There will be no instructor nearby who will insure at the right time, so you need to be completely confident while driving, not be afraid of anything, and of course, follow the rules of the road. In this article, we will analyse how not to be afraid to drive a car, and give practical advice to a newbie behind the wheel. driving center near me is the best school of lahore pakistan . 

Key Recommendations


 Driving is subject to a number of basic rules. When driving a car, it is necessary, firstly, to have good health , secondly, to have driving skills , thirdly, to know the rules of the road , and fourthly, to be self-confident and not be afraid . Let’s analyse the 4th point, and find out how to be confident behind the wheel and become a good driver. The first time behind the wheel in some causes delight, in others – fear.

 A list of general recommendations for insecure, novice drivers, each item of which we will analyse separately: – advice to a novice driver on a mechanic and on an automatic machine is identical, the first is attentiveness on the road, composure, calmness, common sense! – do not rush, do not make sudden maneuvers, keep a safe distance; – without confidence in the success of the maneuver – do not make it, especially when overtaking; – do not forget about road etiquette and tolerance on the road, hence the rule of “three D” (Give the Fool the Road). 4 simple points of recommendations on how to be confident on the road, if followed, a novice driver will forget the phrase: “I can’t learn to drive a car.” visit our driving center near me .

Attention on the road, composure, calmness and common sense While driving, do not be distracted by third party objects, conversations.

Maximum concentration on the traffic situation is required . If you have a radio tape recorder, it is recommended to listen to music at a minimum. Drive smoothly, do not drive, do not forget to look in the rear-view mirrors. When driving through difficult intersections, in traffic jams, when parking – keep calm and do not be nervous. Nerves behind the wheel do not lead to good.

At first, a novice driver may not succeed in many things, there is nothing wrong with that. All skills are honed, experience comes with time. Do not rush, do not make sudden maneuvers, keep a safe distance Advice concerning first of all experienced drivers.

“I’ve been driving a car for 20 years!” Experience is great. But experience does not give the right to violate traffic rules, exceeding the speed limit, turning around in the wrong place, driving through a red light.

The result of a fatal traffic accident is one

This situation concerns the young driver in particular. Rushing behind the wheel – the path to an accident . You have to hurry slowly. Before making any manoeuvre, make sure it is safe. And keeping the correct distance will help you not to “kiss” the car in front, in case of emergency braking.

Without confidence in the success of the maneuver – do not make it, especially when overtaking Overtaking is specially made in a separate section. I can’t drive because I’m not confident in my own abilities. Or vice versa, I am too Self-confident, any maneuver, traffic situation, overtaking, I do not care. Two completely opposite types of novice drivers. In this situation, it is necessary to look for a golden mean. Hours of driving in a driving school provide a base. If you are an insecure person in life, try to roll as much as possible. Don’t save money or time.

There is no special advice for “self-confident guys

The first understanding of their wrongness, alas, comes after the first accident. The worst thing is that there are a lot of such drivers on the road. 

The actions of such drivers can harm not only them, but also other road users. As for overtaking, this is a difficult manoeuvre, with the exit into the oncoming lane.

Before making it, you need to make sure that the oncoming lane is clean, that no one is overtaking you, and that your car has enough speed and power to overtake the car in front. Most fatal accidents happen during this manoeuvre.

Therefore, if you are not sure of its safety, do not perform this manoeuvre! Do not forget about road etiquette and tolerance on the road.

hence the rule of “three D” One of the main rules that is usually forgotten

Give way to each other, do not cut each other, do not show who is in charge on the road. Usually, drivers who consider themselves experienced, seeing a car with a “novice driver” sign on the road, learn more about this designation by clicking on the link, and The list of tips above on the topic “how to learn to drive a car” is only a recommendation.

It is necessary to learn all the subtleties of driving in a driving school! And you need to treat this with responsibility, so that in the future there will be no problems described above. Driving school “Antares” in the city of Nikopol will be happy to help with this. Come, our doors are always open! Also read driving center near me .

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