which take place at gyms, provide a chance

In addition to specific locations, certain events or time-limited occurrences in Pokémon GO can provide opportunities to encounter rare Pokémon. Community Day events, for instance, focus on specific Pokémon and offer increased spawns for a limited time.

Raid battles, which take place at gyms, provide a chance to Pokemon Go Coordinates capture powerful and legendary Pokémon. Research tasks and field research encounters can also yield rare Pokémon as rewards.

That being said, some trainers have reported success in finding rare Pokémon by visiting certain locations known for their increased spawn rates. For example, some coastal areas have been known to attract water-type Pokémon such as Lapras or Dratini.

Mountainous regions or parks may be hotspots for finding rare rock or grass-type Pokémon. Urban areas with high population density and diverse biomes often offer a greater variety of Pokémon spawns, including rarer species.

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