Is obtaining and using a fake ID in British Columbia illegal,


In British Columbia, as in most jurisdictions, possessing, using, or manufacturing a fake ID is considered illegal and can lead to severe consequences. A fake ID is an identity document, such as a driver’s license or identification card, that has been altered, forged, or counterfeited to misrepresent an individual’s true identity. While some people may seek to acquire a fake ID for innocent purposes, such as gaining access to age-restricted venues, the law takes a strict stance on such activities to maintain public safety and combat fraud. For more information click british columbia fake id.

Legislation and Offenses:

The legal framework governing fake IDs in British Columbia falls under the Criminal Code of Canada. Several sections of the Code address the production, possession, and use of fraudulent identification documents, including Section 56 (Identity Documents), Section 57 (Possession of Forged Documents), and Section 58 (Trafficking in Identity Information).

  1. Section 56 (Identity Documents): This section pertains to creating, using, or possessing an identity document with the intent to commit an indictable offense. The offense could include anything from fraud to participating in illegal activities using the fake ID.
  2. Section 57 (Possession of Forged Documents): It is illegal to possess any forged document, including fake IDs, with the intention to deceive or defraud.
  3. Section 58 (Trafficking in Identity Information): This section targets those who traffic or distribute personal information with the intent to commit a crime, which could involve producing fake IDs using stolen identity data.

Consequences for Possessing or Using Fake IDs:

Individuals caught with a fake ID in their possession or using it to gain entry into age-restricted venues or engage in unlawful activities can face serious legal repercussions. Penalties may include:

  1. Criminal Charges: Conviction under the Criminal Code can lead to a criminal record, which can impact one’s future prospects, including employment opportunities, travel, and educational pursuits.
  2. Fines: Offenders may be required to pay substantial fines, the amount of which can vary based on the severity of the offense and the individual’s previous criminal history.
  3. Imprisonment: In more serious cases, offenders may face imprisonment, especially if the fake ID is linked to significant criminal activities like identity theft or terrorism.
  4. Loss of Driving Privileges: If the fake ID is a forged driver’s license, the individual may face the suspension or revocation of their actual driver’s license.
  5. Legal Costs: Legal representation in court can be expensive, and those charged with fake ID-related offenses may need to bear these costs.
  6. Impact on Immigration Status: For individuals with temporary or permanent residency status in Canada, involvement in such criminal activities can lead to immigration consequences, including deportation.
  7. Social Stigma: Beyond the legal penalties, those caught with fake IDs may experience social repercussions, such as reputational damage and strained personal relationships.

Enforcement and Combating Fake IDs:

To combat the proliferation of fake IDs, law enforcement agencies often employ various methods, including:

  1. Undercover Operations: Officers may conduct undercover operations to identify and apprehend individuals involved in the production and distribution of fake IDs.
  2. Training and Awareness: Government agencies and businesses educate their employees to detect fake IDs by conducting training sessions and providing resources on identification verification.
  3. Technological Solutions: The use of advanced technology, such as holograms, UV ink, and QR codes on official identification documents, helps make it harder for counterfeiters to replicate them accurately.
  4. Cooperation with Businesses: Law enforcement collaborates with establishments that are frequent targets of fake ID use, such as bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores, to curb the problem effectively.


The use of fake IDs in British Columbia is illegal and can lead to severe legal consequences, including criminal charges, fines, imprisonment, and the loss of driving privileges. The enforcement of laws against fake IDs is critical to maintaining public safety, preventing identity theft, and combating fraud. The best course of action for individuals is always to abide by the law and use their real identification documents responsibly. Businesses and establishments must also be vigilant in verifying the authenticity of identification presented by customers to uphold the law and ensure the safety and integrity of their services.

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