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The Reasons Why Someone Should Live Within Northern Germany

Many immigrants immigrate to Germany because they might feel unsafe in their country, they might
want to acquire a new job, they might want to start a new chapter in their life and go to study in
Germany as an international student, or they might wish to acquire higher education for their family.
Whatever the reason, Germany is one of the best countries to immigrate to. There are quite a few parts
of Germany that are better than others, but all of Germany is excellent. Northern Germany may not be
filled with beautiful mountains and landscapes like other countries or be as eventful as Berlin, but living
in the northern part of Germany has its benefits, and there are quite a few reasons why you may want
to immigrate to Germany. Germany is not the only country that is visited by international students
every year, there are a few countries that have seen an increase in the number of students who come from
different countries to study them. These countries include Germany as the transportation benefits
and accommodation are quite easy to find, students also go to study in Hong Kong because of their
unique culture, scenery, and unique delicacies. Hong Kong’s delicacies are incredibly centered around
seafood which makes them unique.

The Summers & Winters in Northern Germany:

It’s a known fact that the winters in Germany are pretty cold and gloomy. You won't see a lot of sunlight,
and rain will occur almost daily, but this darkness also allows the winters to be a cozy experience for its
citizens. However, summers are very suitable for citizens of northern Germany as the temperatures stay
mild and it doesn’t get so warm that you start sweating and get a headache. In the summer, you can go
on walks without sweating.

Transport-Friendly for Bikes:

Northern Germany is one of the best places for bikes as the northern part of Germany is relatively flat.
Because of the last ice age, the northern parts of Germany lost their landscape and became flat. Because
of this, northern cities of Germany have a lot of bikers, and their bike culture is quite robust, just like
their neighbors, the Netherlands, and an infrastructure that supports bike traffic.

The Delicacies of Germany:

Northern Germany offers a variety of delicacies that can be enjoyed by tourists and citizens alike. Their
fish rolls are caught by fishermen and served daily. The Germans are profound in the art of making fish
sandwiches. You can find small huts or carts which serve fish rolls. There are many kinds of fish rolls, ten
in total. If you don't enjoy fish, you can still enjoy several delicacies such as Bremer or Blackfish varieties.
If you like to try new things, one of the pickled fish rolls like the Matjes is a must. If you want shellfish,
try the Nordseekrabben, as it’ll undoubtedly prove to be of your liking. There are a variety of other
delicacies you can find that will suit your needs best, if you are a fan of champagne you can find
the Berliner Weisse which is known as the Champagne of the North.

The Ideal Mix:

Within Northern Germany, you can find the chaos of metropolises if you like it within the city of
Hamburg. Hamburg is the second largest city to be located within Germany. If you want peace and
tranquility, move to Oldenburg or Kiel, which will suit your needs. You could move to Bremen if you still
wish to live in a large city without chaos, as it has more than half a million inhabitants and offers various
benefits. All of these cities are just one hour away, so you can move quickly to another town if you find
the one you are currently in unsuitable for you.

The Sea of Northern Germany:

Northern Germany offers a sea which you can go to so you can relax or try sailing the sea, swimming,
fishing for a catch or diving. The sea of Germany will be open, so you can always find a location to settle
in for a few hours. You can also find small huts or stalls near the port where you can find some food or
drinks. The North of Germany offers a variety of benefits that can indefinitely benefit an immigrant who
wishes to move to a safer country or to find a better life. Even though there may be other parts of
Germany that you see as more beneficial, you should explore all of Germany to find out which part of
the world you wish to settle within, as it is your choice.

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