QuickBooks Error 12002

Feasible Techniques To Resolve QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks uses the internet for online accounting tasks like sending customer invoices, downloading tax forms, or updating software. QuickBooks Error 12002 indicates that the internet connection is broken and interrupts all these tasks instantly. On the off chance your QB also gets affected by this network connectivity issue, continue reading further to learn why it happens and the actions you can take to tackle it.

Reach out to our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 for detailed instructions to eliminate the error.


This error comes up whenever you try performing a QBDT task that requires the internet. We have mentioned the causes of this network connectivity error in QuickBooks underneath-

  • The Transport Layer Security settings forbid the internet access of all the PC applications including QuickBooks.
  • Low internet speed can lead to connection timeout when QB tries accessing the internet to perform its functions.
  • An incompatible third-party web browser on your PC can also lead to problems while integrating with QuickBooks.

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You will run into this error code when you begin an online task in the software and the connection breaks in between. Some of the practical methods to kick out this connectivity issue from your QBDT are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Ensure the TLS settings in your Windows do not block QB’s internet access

Transport Layer Security or the TLS settings are basically responsible for providing a secure path to data when you download or send it over the internet. These settings on your system ensure the data remains authentic during the transfer and aren’t damaged by malicious threats or unauthorized elements. In case these settings are strictly set, all the applications on your PC, including QuickBooks, can lose their internet access and malfunction. This is a prime reason for the development of error 12002 QuickBooks. You’ll run into this error code when you start a bookkeeping task, and the internet connection breaks in between. You need to configure the TLS settings on your Windows to ensure QB doesn’t get blocked. Refer to these steps-

  • Launch the Run window on your system (Windows+R) and type ‘inetcpl.cpl.’
  • Press Enter to open the internet properties window (You can also open it from the web browser or control panel).
  • Go to the Advanced tab and move down the settings list to locate TLS.
  • Only mark the Use TLS 1.2 checkbox and leave all the other TLS settings unmarked.
  • Save the settings before closing the tab and perform the QB task again.

If the error code comes up between the accounting task again, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Rectify the problem using the QB Install Diagnostic tool

QuickBooks can also develop this error due to issues caused by its faulty installation on your computer. You can terminate them easily using the QB tool hub, as shown in the following steps-

  • Launch the QuickBooks Tool hub program and access its Installation Issues menu.
  • Single-tap the Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool option and wait patiently until all the issues are resolved.
  • Relaunch QuickBooks.


This is the end of our blog sharing the potential reasons for QuickBooks Error 12002 blocking the online bookkeeping tasks in the software. We also included expert-recommended methods to tackle the issue, and we hope you use them on your PC to run QB errorless on your PC again.

Consult our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 for further assistance in rectifying the error.

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