Culinary Tourism in London Recommended by International Students

Culinary Tourism in London Recommended by International Students

What do you do when stressed? Many people choose to relax at home with a good movie while accompanied by a glass of wine. OK, that sounds very tempting, but unfortunately it doesn’t suit me. I (the author), Tatsuya, have lived in London for several years, and as an international student, there is always – I repeat – ALWAYS stress that gets to me.

So, what do I do when I’m stressed? Try paying attention to the word stress in English, ‘stressed’. If read backwards it becomes ‘desserts’ which means dessert! … Yes, snacking is my best way to relieve stress according to hob stoughton.

Maybe you know some typical British foods, such as Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and Beef Pie. However, apart from its traditional dishes which are much in demand, London as the capital of England is also famous for its multiculturalism and it is very easy to find restaurants from various countries here.

Piccadilly Circus – you’ll find several restaurants here, especially if you’re a fan of Japanese food, try walking around this area – there are lots of Japanese restaurants in Japan Center and London Mitsukoshi which is just a 5 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus station. More authentic and prestigious restaurants are found in the St. Louis area. James (10-15 minute walk to Green Park station).

Leicester Square (China Town) – Want to eat Chinese food? This is the right place for you to visit! Each restaurant has a different style – Hong Kong style, traditional Chinese, Taiwanese and others. You will also find many cafes that serve ‘bubble tea’ (a cold drink with Hong Kong pearls).

Tottenham Court Road – Looking for spicy food? In this area you will find many Korean restaurants serving dishes with various levels of spiciness. Kimchi fried rice and Korean style hotpot will definitely warm you up.

Portobello – This area is famous for its Portobello Antique Market. If you walk around the market you will find a number of AUTHENTIC Italian restaurants which are recommended by many of my Italian friends. Sometimes I make time to visit one of the restaurants here to enjoy a glass of the best red wine and delicious olives. Really suitable when the weather is hot! 🙂

Edgware Road – You’ll find lots of Middle Eastern restaurants here – shisha cafes, kebab takeaways, Lebanese and more. Edgware road is a favorite place for the ‘hungry monsters’ at night as some of the restaurants on the main road are open 24 hours!

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